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Pricing & Booking

Taxi & Tour Pricing

Tour and water taxi rates are $45 per hour and $5 per mile. Milton’s Wake can accommodate a maximum of six passengers. The hourly rate and charge per mile is fixed, whether there is one passenger or six. Milton’s Wake is moored at Kramer’s Marina in Hope, Idaho.

The table below reflects typical round trip travel times to prime destinations on Lake Pend Oreille, using Kramer’s Marina as the point of departure. Other departure locations can be arranged upon request. Departure from City Beach in Sandpoint will add approximately $100 to the cost of your trip.

Tour Package Pricing

Destination Estimated Time Mileage Estimated Cost Cost per Person
Pearl Island 2 hours 5 miles round trip $115 $19
Green Bay 3 hours 19 miles round trip $230 $38
Lee’s Point 4 hours 24 miles round trip $300 $50
Whiskey Rock 5 hours 25 miles round trip $350 $58
Around the Lake 10 hours 80 miles round trip $850 $141


Booking is as easy as making a phone call, where you can talk directly to the Captain to plan a trip to fits your wants and needs. We recommended making reservations in advance, but will do our best to accommodate any trip.

Keep in mind there are no set hours…sunrise, moonrise, or Northern Lights on the lake are all a phone call away. Book as soon as you can to ensure your spot on Milton’s Wake!

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